Delivering On Budget Annual Report Designs For All Sizes Of Organisations

Kaizen Brand Evolution has worked with all kinds of organisations private, public and third sector, to provide them useful annual report designs. We are one of the reputable annual report design firms in the region. We have an excellent team of creatives who have vast experience and knowledge of how to best design an annual report. They know what important elements are must in any annual report. We are skilled as designers because we quickly understand the intent of each page and create an opportunity to display your information in a clear and informed way.

The Building Blocks of a Great Annual Report

To design a great Annual Report, one must research and understand the requirement at hand. As part of our annual report design process, our team considers different design concepts including:

· Brand Guidelines: We act as your brand protectors and will always deliver a design that matches well with your brand strategies. In the case of new business, we review their past and existing projects so that we can deliver an on-brand style guide coordinated with the existing brand direction.

· Digital & Print: Within any organisation, uniformity of your brand is important for brand strengthening. This comprises annual reports and other investor materials that are time and again ignored. We can help by providing you the most suitable output formats for your stakeholder needs.

· Typography: We provide best in class typography and offer strict type rules to guarantee the right balance of design and functionality in conventionally text-heavy documents.

· Infographic Design: We often take data-heavy information and bring it to life through engaging infographics.

For more information on annual report designing, feel free to contact us!

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